Anand Panchal: Punctuating The Figurative And Symbolic Elements

Anand Panchal: Punctuating The Figurative And Symbolic Elements

Anand Panchal is a celebrated artist whose works resonate with the essence of rural India and its timeless traditions. Born in Latur, Maharashtra, and trained at the prestigious J.J. School of Art in Mumbai, Panchal's art captivates with its blend of figurative and symbolic elements. 

Let’s explore unique aspects of Panchal's artistry, exploring how his work punctuates the beauty and innocence of village life with a striking visual language.

Capturing Village Life and Mythology 

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  • Early Influences: 
  • Anand Panchal's rural upbringing in Latur profoundly influences his work. He brings the simplicity and purity of village life to the canvas, offering viewers an intimate look into the pastoral world. The adolescent figures featured  in Anand’s paintings exude innocence and serenity. 

  • Farming Perspective: 
  • Panchal’s art is also steeped in the rich traditions of Indian farming - he’s deeply drawn to capturing a farmers toil , his dependence on climate and  the changing hues of soil with changing seasons. 

    Artistic Techniques and Style

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  • Lyrical and Rustic Worlds: 
  • Panchal’s use of acrylics on canvas creates vibrant, rustic scenes. His works are akin to a melodic raga, with colors that sing in brilliant reds, blues, and ochres.

  • Impasto Knifework: 
  • Employing impasto techniques, Panchal uses a palette knife to create textured surfaces. This method adds depth and dimension, making his paintings come alive.

    • Smooth and Textured Blending: 

    Panchal’s mastery in balancing bold colors with smooth and textured paint applications highlights his unique style. This blend results in a harmonious and visually arresting composition.

    Thematic and Symbolic Elements

  • Long, Narrow Format: 
  • Many of Panchal’s paintings are characterized by a long, narrow format called art panels,  reflecting the elongated figures of children. This format adds a dynamic and narrative quality to his work.

    Anand Panchal Artwork panel featuring village bellies against a backdrop of village.

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  • Iconic Imagery: 
  • The upper portions of his canvases often feature iconic images representing the dreams and aspirations of his subjects. These elements add layers of meaning and invite viewers to delve deeper into the story behind each painting.

    The 'Raan' Series

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  • Ode to Mother Earth: 
  • Anand’s latest series, 'Raan', celebrates Mother Earth and the symbiotic relationship between villagers and their land. This series is a heartfelt tribute to the agrarian lifestyle and the changing seasons.

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  • Nature and Harvest: 
  • 'Raan' captures the essence of village folks, their farmlands, and the cyclical nature of harvests. Panchal’s childhood memories of village life vividly come to life in these compositions.


    Product link: Untitled - Raan Series – Artazzle 

  • Seasonal Changes: 
  • The series also explores the changes in soil texture and hues with the seasons, symbolizing the ever-evolving yet enduring connection with nature.

    Where to Buy

    Art lovers can explore and purchase Anand Panchal’s complete collection at Artazzle. This platform offers a curated selection of Panchal’s works, providing a gateway to owning a piece of his evocative and timeless art.

    Through his 'Raan' series, Panchal continues to pay homage to the land and its people, ensuring that their stories are immortalized on canvas for generations to come.


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