Exploring the Enigma : Unveiling the Hidden Layers of Fawad Tamkanat’s World

Fawad Tamkanat Cityscape

Have you ever stumbled upon a piece of art that not only captivates your eyes but also speaks to your soul? Fawad Tamkanat, an artist with a profound narrative style, takes you on a journey through his work, delving into his personal fixations and reflections on life.

But who exactly is Fawad Tamkanat, and what inspires his remarkable creations?

The Artistic Journey

Fawad Tamkanat, born in 1962 in Hyderabad, comes from a lineage deeply rooted in artistic expression. His father, the renowned Urdu poet Shaz Tamkanat, paved the way for Fawad's creative journey. However, Fawad's artistry extends far beyond familial influence, as he carves his own path in the world of visual storytelling.

Fawad's art is an exploration of his personal fixations, particularly with time and one's place in the grand scheme of existence. His work transcends societal norms, religious affiliations, and political agendas, focusing instead on the intricacies of human experience and emotion.

Fawad has an impressive academic background, holding degrees in B.Com, BFA, and MFA from Central University. His artistic journey has been adorned with accolades, including University Gold Medals in both BFA (JNTU) and MFA (Central University).

With a prolific career spanning over 100 solo exhibitions of paintings and printmaking in India and abroad, Fawad's artistic prowess has found residence in prestigious institutions like the "Kristen Kajer Museum" in Denmark, where he explored the realm of printmaking during an artistic residency.

Notably, his works grace the collections of esteemed museums such as the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi and the Imago Mundi Museum in Italy. Beyond museum walls, Fawad has curated numerous painting, printmaking, and installation art exhibitions, leaving an indelible mark on the art scene both in India and internationally.



Themes in Fawad's Work

Fawad draws inspiration from his encounters with the vibrant tapestry of city life. Through various mediums such as dry-point, etching, watercolor, acrylic, and oil, he creates a visual vocabulary that resonates with viewers on a profound level. Some key themes in his work include:

  • Cityscapes: 

In his exploration of urban landscapes, Fawad portrays the juxtaposition of old-world charm and modernity. His cityscapes, characterized by distorted perspectives and vibrant hues, capture the essence of bustling city life frozen in time. In his current series of cityscapes, Fawad pays tribute to towns in India, the Netherlands, Paris, and the Middle East

  • Street Culture: 

A recent addition to Fawad's repertoire, the "Street Culture" series delves into the mundane realities of Hyderabad's streets. Through a photorealistic style, he immortalizes the hustle and bustle of everyday life, inviting viewers to pause and reflect on the beauty found in the ordinary. Fawad's street scenes tell captivating stories of chaotic streets, juxtaposing old and new, rich and poor, in a vibrant tableau of life. Influenced by the unique inhabitants of Hyderabad, Fawad brings to life fakirs, sweepers, pedestrians, and the evolving culture of malls in his paintings

His Notable Works

Among Fawad's extensive portfolio, several pieces stand out for their profound impact and artistic brilliance:

Life is Beautiful: Cityscape: 

Product Link: Life is Beautiful : Cityscape – Artazzle

Product link: 

This piece encapsulates the essence of urban life, celebrating the beauty found amidst chaos and complexity.


Silent Town - 2: 

Product Link: Silent Town - 2 – Artazzle

Through this artwork, Fawad invites viewers to explore the tranquility of a deserted town, inviting contemplation on solitude and introspection.


Blue Tree: 

Product Link: Blue Tree – Artazzle 

These striking pieces explore the relationship between nature and human intervention, urging viewers to reflect on the harmony or discord that exists between the two.

Fawad’s artistic brilliance lies in creating harmony and the best creative blends better traditional and contemporary elements. Fawad Tamkanat's artistic process involves crafting masterworks with multiple hidden layers of acrylics, meticulously and deftly layered to create stunning visuals that only a master like him can achieve.

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Link  : https://artazzle.com/collections/fawad-tamkanat 


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