Nature Reimagined: Shrikant Kadam's Abstract Masterpieces

Nature Reimagined: Shrikant Kadam's Abstract Masterpieces

Artwork: The Onset of Autumn

Shrikant Kadam is an eminent abstract artist whose work draws deeply from the beauty and dynamism of nature. His paintings are a vivid portrayal of nature's ever-changing textures, lights, and sounds. 

Unique Artistic Style

Kadam's abstract paintings transform natural elements through his imagination, presenting them in a unique, captivating manner. Each season's distinctive textures and light inspire his color palette and creative process, leading to a diverse range of artworks. His paintings reflect the unseen colors and surroundings of nature, bringing an innovative perspective to the familiar.The artist's strokes are free and expressive, mirroring the vast expanse of the firmament and capturing the essence of his soul.

Continue reading for a glimpse into Kadam's artistic journey, inspirations, and his distinctive approach to capturing nature's essence on canvas.

Artist Vision:

"Nature fuels my spontaneous palette. My paintings depict the vastness felt from a mountain peak, using free strokes to express creativity. I reimagine nature's beauty, mystery, and secrets, portraying size, space, texture, and color uniquely on canvas."  -    Shrikant Kadam

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Early Inspirations and Artistic Journey

  • Roots in Nature: 
  • Shrikant Kadam is an avid trekker and biker. Kadam's artistic journey is rooted in his profound connection with nature. The change of seasons serves as his primary muse.Kadam's evolution from realism to abstraction is deeply rooted in the ever-changing beauty of nature. He draws inspiration from seasonal textures, light, sounds, and vibrations, exploring the mystique of the natural world and embracing self-realization and a profound sense of spirituality.

  • Evolution from Realism to Abstraction: 
  • Shrikant has been a full time artist with a career spanning over 22 years, Beginning with a more realistic and figurative style, Shrikant Kadam gradually evolved into an abstract artist. This transition reflects his deepening understanding and interpretation of nature's mystique.

  • Career Graph:
  • Shrikant Kadam’s exceptional work has earned him several prestigious awards, cementing his reputation in the art world. Shrikant has received 25 state and National awards and exhibited his works in over 15 solo shows. 

    Throughout his career, Shrikant Kadam has also participated in various group shows across India and internationally. 

    Kadam has also been awarded international scholarships in Germany and France. 

    His works have been exhibited in the US, UK, Korea, UAE, Germany, Indonesia and Singapore. Kadam's artworks are part of significant private collections in both India and abroad, highlighting his global appeal and recognition.

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    Art Icons Reviews:

    “What a marvel are the colours! They acquaint us with the artist’s disposition, conviction, determination, purposeless purpose and emotion inviting aesthetic distortion, his fascination for the avantgarde and his courage in cherishing the new in the old. Shrikant Kadam’s paintings in fact, belong to a genre in which the viewer’s questions themselves are impregnated with answers. They pave the way not only for the direct brilliant light but for diligent darkness as well. “    - Dr. Prabhakar Kolte

    “His skill at imparting homogeneity of colour to the landscape in a reposing state is phenomenal. The colours however do get bold whenever at a deceitful juncture the excess fascination for colour traps him into the maya of the various hues. Such junctures are of course rare. If Shrikant Kadam can free himself from the trappings of the illusory power of colour he can certainly place himself in the line of Raza, Ramkumar, Sohan Kadari, Ambadas, Prabhakar Kolte, Laxman Shreshtha. He can define his own spirituality. What more anyway, does an artist aspire for?:      - Mangesh Narayanrao Kale, Artist, poet, art researcher

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    Explore Shrikant Kadam's Collection

    Kadam's work continues to inspire new generations of artists and art enthusiasts, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of abstract art.

    For those interested in experiencing Shrikant Kadam's unique portrayal of nature, Artazzle offers an extensive collection of his works. Each painting is a testament to his exceptional talent and profound connection with the natural world. 

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